The Mercsin Team

Helping Athletes achieve their goals off the field

About the Team

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Joshua Park

Funnel Building and Strategy

About Josh

Josh spent his time studying statistics and systems at USMA. He connects data science with his interest for marketing. Using his background, he leverages data backed targeting and copywriting to launch successful ad campaigns.
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John Zimmerman

Mentorship Development and Sales

About John

John specializes in email marketing and paid advertising. He leverages his understanding of specific industries to provide clients with sales funnels to gain and retain new customers. John graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2021.
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Ryan Hetrick

Content Marketing and Website Development

About Ryan

Ryan specializes in content marketing and social media. He is currently a grad student at MIT studying Technology and Public Policy. Ryan graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2021.
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Where does Mercsin come from?

Vision and Mission

 Our vision is simple: Deliver a system that will help you earn $20,000 a month through developing high ticket mentorships.  

Our mission? 

To deliver those systems for our NCAA Athletes and results as quickly as possible and make sure it’s sustainable. 

Mercury + Eopsin

Mercury, Roman God of Speed and Commerce, delivered messages quickly and protected merchants. We want deliver the message of your experience and takent to the NIL market quickly


Eopsin, Korean goddess of Wealth and Storage, protects the house. Similarly, we want to protect our clients’ wealth by growing their mentorships and programs over the long term. 


Trust is the bedrock of the relationship between our clients and us. This is how we tangibly deliver trust. 


If we don’t meet goals, then you get your money back or we work for free until we do. 


Our team is comprised of three specialties: Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing. 

We can’t do it all by ourselves but we can combine efforts. That’s what you get with us.


A devoted specialist for each of those marketing tools to implement whenever and someone who can do it well. 

Fast Paced

Marketing demands us to develop an eye for opportunity. We do this by extensive data collection and data exploration in a short time frame. 


This is what allows us to stay ahead. 


You need people you can trust to get more traffic and leads. When times are tough, we will be there to maximize every opportunity for your business. 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Why Us?

You want a team that you can be trusted, versatile, and fast paced. Marketing demands you to be fast paced and versatile. We specialize in that and you can trust us with our guarantee. 

What are you waiting for?

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